Untapped Angel Network

Untapped markets represent undervalued assets. Undervalued assets yield higher returns on investment.

According to the SBA, "Investments of the same dollar amount, initiated in the same time period, by minority-oriented VC funds using identical strategies regarding such factors as syndication, investment by industry, GP activism with portfolio companies, and the like, produced higher IRR values if the portfolio company was minority owned and lower values if the company was white owned."

Untapped Angel Network

Untapped Angel Network is a member only diversity-focused Angel group open to all who qualify as SEC accredited investors.  The group is focused on investing in highly promising tech teams reflective of inclusive diversity. We strongly believe that diversity is not just a vehicle to drive equity and increase representation but that it also enhances profits.

Untapped.VC welcomes accredited U.S. investors* who would like the opportunity to join the Angel group.

For additional questions about the group, please feel free to email us at 


Startup52 is NYC’s first diversity-focused accelerator. Members of UAN will have priority access to its curated ventures and as such, will have access to highly screened ventures actively working on traction, growth and success.

UNTAPPED Angels will also have the opportunity to mentor and/or advise Startup52 ventures of interest, as well as have priority access to Startup52 Demo Day events

For more on Startup52, please visit


*According to SEC regulations, an individual qualifies as an accredited investor by either

 – (a) having more than $200,000 in annual income for each of the past two years (or $300,000 with your spouse) OR

 – (b) have a net worth of at least $1 million (excluding your principal residence).

 – (c) SEC registered brokers and investment advisors.

 – An entity is an accredited investor if it is a private business development company or an organization with assets exceeding $5 million.

Please contact us via email to learn more. Charity organizations that qualify as accredited investor institutions are encouraged to sign up as Partners.




  • Participation in UNTAPPED Angels Network (UAN) activities and events is primarily open to members only.
  • Members should be qualified accredited investors according to SEC rules
  • Members agree to invest at least $20,000 and participate in at least one UAN investment per year
  • Members may be asked to serve on UAN committees, as well as form extensive peer networks of domain expertise and contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology
  • Selection Committee Members should
    • have track records managing and building successful companies either as entrepreneurs or operating executives
    • have experience in angel investing, leading due diligence, structuring investments, and coaching entrepreneurs
  • Annual membership fee is $1500 per year.

How It Works


  • Opportunity to screen and evaluate high quality companies
  • Ability to enjoy the benefits of meeting highly screened ventures through partnership with Startup52 Accelerator
  • Attend quarterly company presentations where select already screened companies present/pitch their ventures to the Angels
  • Different Venture Competitions and Hackathons focused on solving social, educational and other issues


  • Industry events (e.g. tech breakfasts, panels, dinner forums, etc.)
  • Educational seminars on investing and entrepreneurial topics
  • Virtual Learning and Other Web Based informational and educational events to spur collaboration and cohesion


  • Access to all applicant founders and ventures, both selected and not
  • Networking opportunity at each quarterly/bi-annual company presentation event as well as other educational and social events organized by UAN Angels


  • Our screening committee consists of individuals with prior experience in operational and management roles, venture capital, private investing, investment banking, early stage corporate management and a variety of other disciplines. Our collaboration provides a deeper and broader analytical capability for due diligence purposes.
  • Our members have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with screened companies. Our quarterly events offer great opportunities to discuss the presenting companies among peers, meet other like-minded investors, and to learn more about early stage investing.


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