Black Wealth Collective


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The Black Wealth Collective is an EXCLUSIVE Network of Black people focused on building wealth via collective investments. We have laid down the framework to establish the largest collective of Black people interested in building generational wealth through collective investments in tech and real estate.

This is a grassroots movement of passionate people, regardless of age, background, class, religion, gender, sexuality, location or economic status.

Black Wealth Collective Launch Event

Microsoft NYC, Times Square

October 9th, 2017


WHAT WE OFFER - More detailed information is only privy to members

Educational + Informational Sessions – To inform and/or educate members on upcoming potential investments, as well as due diligence strategies and much more.

Bi-Annual Updates – To update stakeholders with information on collective’s progress

Networking and Annual Events – Networking and annual events for members to mingle and learn

Subscription-Based Membership – A yearly membership fee of $100 is due upon acceptance into the Collective. Then there are different tiers for people to join, starting at as low as $50 per month, in order to make this available to all, including parents who choose to enroll their children or dependents.

and much more.



I don’t care how many times I fail, or how high the hurdle seems, but I am sure that before I die, I will fulfill my life’s goal and mission of uplifting The Black Man, The Black Race, Humanity – every minute, every hour, every week, every month and every year; literally long as I have breath in me. I am not scared of the No’s from those I seek to help; nor the rejections from those that I beseek to help with me; nor failures that I encounter each time I try, each time I persevere – today, tomorrow; whenever, wherever; because I am SURE that each trial knocks down another hurdle, one at a time; teaches me another strategy, most times better; births a stronger plan; all while bringing me closer to my goal every single time, with a renewed stride. I will therefore not relent. I aim to uplift the Black man, Black race, consistently… continually, through positive impact and action, scholarly research, practicality, spirituality, genuine love and unwavering commitment to its young lives – October 31st, 2012


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